Our Vision: To bridge positive mentoring relationships, to maximize a child’s opportunity to achieve and succeed.

Our Mission: Impact Mentoring is committed to building strong, trusting and caring relationships that will have a positive impact and change the lives of those children who need it most.

Accountability Statement: We partner with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community and help ensure the success of each child and match in our program.

Impact Mentoring is all about “Changing young lives, one match at a time”. Community role models, that have a desire to help others, are matched with a child facing adversity in their lives. The mentors help the young people with homework, play games, serve as a sounding board and introduce them to new things. The mentors also help build confidence and trust in the child and most importantly, the match becomes a relationship. Here at Impact Mentoring we help children realize their potential and build their futures.

Our Story. . .

Impact Mentoring, Inc. is a brand new name for a local non-profit organization, that has been providing one on one mentoring services since 1987.  The only thing that has really changed about the program is the name. We have always been committed to the standard of excellence and we will continue to enforce quality assurance, so our organization will be the very best it can be. We have learned so much from our predecessors and benefit from expertise from a pioneer in mentoring programs.

Impact Mentoring will continue to provide the same vital one on one mentoring to our youth, who need it the most and maintain our current non-profit status. We value the impact that this organization has made on our communities and want to continue to invest in the youth of Hopkins and Muhlenberg Counties.

Impact Mentoring will continue to provide services through, the community based, site based and high school buddy programs. Qualified volunteers become mentors to at-risk children and youth.  The primary goal of these programs is to give children between the ages of 6 and 12 the opportunity


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