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Our Mission:

Impact Mentoring is committed to building strong, trusting and caring relationships that will have a positive impact and change the lives of those children who need it most!  

Community Based 

Single or married, parent or grandparent; if you are 18 or older, you have a chance to make a big difference in the life of a child. The children in our program, primarily from single parent homes; need volunteers who are good listeners; who will provide guidance and who understand the importance of commitment in building a friendship. One carefully screened adult volunteer is matched with a child based on personalities, interests, and locations. Volunteers should spend quality time with the child every other week, scheduling times together to fit both schedules; for at least one year. Married couples may also be matched with one child, giving the child a positive view of a cooperative adult relationship. Each match is nurtured by our professional staff. This program allows the match to meet and do activities together outside of school.


Site Based Adult Mentoring

Our Site Based Mentoring Program helps children improve learning skills and self-esteem by matching them with adults who serve as a mentor and friend. Each carefully screened mentor is matched with a student identified by school personnel as someone who could benefit from a one-to-one mentoring relationship.

Our mentors are working men and women, retirees, college students and civic club members; all with one thing in common—a sincere desire to help children. Each volunteer commits to spend one school year working with a child. One hour visits are scheduled during school hours each week at the school, considering both the mentor's and teacher's preferences. Because the program is site-based, mentors never leave or visit outside of the school.

Site Based Lunch Buddies

Adult volunteers who have a desire to make an impact in a child's life but need flexibility in the time commitment, have the option to volunteer in the Lunch Buddy Program. This program matches a carefully screened adult with a student who can benefit from having someone eat lunch with him/her at their school a minimum of 2x per month. This program will help foster self-esteem while promoting a new friendship.

Site Based High School Buddies

High School students in good academic standing with the ability to provide transportation to and from sites can volunteer!  Our Afterschool Program is from 3:00-4:00 PM on the same day every week at an assigned Elementary School. We work with students who are 6 years of age and older from Southside, West Broadway, Grapevine, Pride and Dawson Springs Elementary Schools. The volunteer is matched with a Sidekick throughout the entire school year.  The first 30 Minutes are spent working on homework and the last 30 Minutes are dedicated to the Hero and Sidekick doing various activities together based on their shared common interests.   

How Can I Volunteer?

Volunteering is easy! Just complete an application and give three references, submit to a background check (excludes High School Buddies), be interviewed by a case manager, and complete our child abuse education and prevention training! CLICK HERE to volunteer now!

How Do I Get My Child Involved? 

The parent must call the office to set up an interview with a case manager. During the visit, paperwork will be filled out, the child and parent will be interviewed and both will be trained on child abuse prevention. Call our office to get started! (270) 821-0688


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